Disposable protective Mask

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Disposable protective Mask
17.5 x 9.5cm (±0.5cm),50 pcs/box
50 pcs/box , 40 boxes/carton,
Carton Size L x W x H :
 52cm x 38cm x 39cm

Carton G.W.:
Carton N.W.:

Nonwoven, Melt blown
non-oil particulate matter protection, such as dust, sand, pollen and so on.

100,000 Pieces
Storage Conditions:
Room temperature
Storage life:
18 months
Production date:
see inner package label
Batch No:
see inner package label

Open the mask, keep the skin dry, white side towards the face, nose bar at the top.
Hanging the ear loop around the ears to adjust the force on both ears evenly.
Adjust the mask , spread the mask up and down to completely cover the nose and mouth.

Please wear the mask according to the picture instructions, check the tightness of mask and face.
If the mask is damaged, please do not continue to use, we recommend that you replace immediately.
The use of this product is strictly prohibited at bedtime. 
When using the mask, please avoid close to the fire source, heat source, which might cause material to burn or deform;
In the process of using the mask, please avoid the mouth and nose contact with outside of the mask. 
This product is disposable mask, please do not reuse.
After use, please fold the mask from inside to outside, and tied it with ear loop before throw in trash can. 
Not recommend to use in strict microorganism

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