Particulate Protection Mask(FFP2)

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Particulate Protection Mask(FFP2)
Mask Type:
Disposable Mask
 Fold size (15.3 x 10.6cm)

100,000 Pieces

Spunbond nonwoven + Meltblown nonwoven+ hot air thru cotton+ spunbond nonwoven
non-oil particulate matter protection, such as dust, sand, pollen and so on.
Storage life:
18 months
1. Unfold the mask
2. Hold the mask against the chin, then pull the elastic ear strap behind the ear , adjust it till you feel the strap comfortable on you.
3. Pinch the nose clip against your nose, till the mask fit your face perfectly.
Precautions :
1. Pls wear the mask as per instructions, and check the tightness between face and mask
2. Don’t use the dispasable mask when it is broken.
3. Keep away from heat and fire. They will lead to deformation of mask.
4. If you need to put down during use, please pull out and avoid its external part touches your mouth and nose
5. This dispoable mask, not for repeat use.
6. Pls fold the mask from inside to outside ,then discard it to specific trash.
Warning : Masks can filter certain pollutants, but misuse can cause disease or even death; materials in contact with skin may cause allergic reactions in some individuals 



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